Emergency Ice LLC was created in 2003 with the idea of offering fast and reliable ice delivery to businesses in Miami Dade. Today, the company serves a larger market in Miami Dade and Broward County with the always promise to guarantee expert ice services.

Because we are a family owned business, we know the importance of appreciating our customer with a premium services and offering All the Ice Products they can look for.  Yes, we have it all.  We are the Total Ice Solutions for your needs.

What makes Emergency ice a successful company is our Service. We are the only company is South Florida that works 365 days a year, that is the reason why we still serves the same customers since 2003. Our Customers know they can count with Emergency Ice when they need it they just have to call us at: 305-933-4474, email us at: orders@emergencyice911.com or just click here.(make an order command)

This is simple:

WE HAVE IT ALL! Yes we are your TOTAL ICE SOLUTIONS. Crystal Cube Ices, Ice Blocks (10, 25 and 300 lbs.), Crush ice, Dry Ice, King Ice, Sphere Ice.

We also have for rent Ice trailers, Ice Merchandise and Reefer trucks.

We serve 365 days a year! You need it you will have it!

We deliver to you!

Our customers come first!  We serve:

Hotels - Restaurants - Construction sites - Bakeries - Catering events - Government offices - Grocery stores - Events - And More….